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Putting Pedal to Metal

Featured article about Unventured in the Hindu on starting up, unique experiences and the potential of the market.

The Road Less Travelled

Article on off the beaten path adventures and why people are taking to this new way to travel and explore places and destinations. Exploring niche travel the Unventured route.

Blazing the Track

Bangalore is taking to cycling, adventure and the great outdoors. We Unventured are honoured to be the city’s preffered choice in exploring experiences.

Bitten by Wanderlust

To unearth the unexplored, ‘Unventured’, hits the roads on cycles. Exploring scenic places, connecting with culture, heritage and people at the pace of a pedal.

The Bicycle Wanderers

The bicycle wanderers, Unventured as part of hosting active travel itineraries for the new age traveller.

Unventured encourages bicycle tours.

A travel start up with spin – Featured article about Unventured finding home in the great outdoors.

Discovering the city on a Bike

Featured article on Unventured City Trails, the art, culture, history and stories of Bengaluru city on cycles.