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8 reasons the Monsoon is the best time to visit the Indian Western Ghats

A unique place in the world with an even more unique weather phenomena makes the Western Ghats a perfect place to explore for an experience unlike anywhere else. Here’s why the Western Ghats during the monsoon is an adventure not to miss.

1. The landscape completely transforms:

The Western Ghats is the region in India that receives the most rainfall throughout the year, the majority being during the monsoon season between June and September. Being a mountainous and coastal region, the terrain already unique and rich in natural vibrance. The heavy and consistent rainfall completely transforms the landscape of the Western Ghats to a bright green. It creates the most beautiful contrast of mountainous peaks and green shades for incredible views at all levels of the mountains. Riding from the high mountains through to the coast on our Chasing the Monsoon tour is a complete eight day experience immersed in green mountain terrain.

2. It’s a culturally celebrated event:

For thousands of years, the region has thrived as a result of the heavy rainfall of the Monsoon. It’s a reason to celebrate. During this time of the year, villages are alive with activity, taking advantage of the gift from above. It’s a contrast to other parts of the world where the rain is something to avoid. This is the time to be here. It creates a beautiful atmosphere of gratitude and celebration amongst locals. Staying and eating local throughout the Western Ghats it’s the best way to experience this. On our Chasing the Monsoon tour, we stay in local homestays amongst plantations thriving in the rains.


3. It brings out the natural wildlife:

A region position as perfectly as the Western Ghats and blessed by the Monsoon makes the perfect conditions for great biodiversity. The Western Ghats is home to some extremely rare and most interesting wildlife in the world. The King Cobra is one of the more recognizable and feared. In the jungle of the Western Ghats, there are research centers such as the Agumbe Rainforest Research Station, which we visit, that work to protect and bring awareness to these unique creatures and many more. The Monsoon time is the perfect time to see all the wildlife the Western Ghats has to offer up close and personal.

4. The local plantations are flourishing:

The varying levels of elevation and rainfall create perfect conditions for unique crops as well. Coffee and spice plantations thrive high in the mountains of the Western Ghats. During the monsoon, farmers are working hard to harvest the fruits of this time of the year that has sustained business for thousands of years. Some of the world’s richest coffee comes from this region. The spices grown here are responsible for incredible cuisine and are also an export that has sustained the area. Locals prepare the most amazing food from the produce of the monsoon. The monsoon season is the perfect time to see this at work and watch communities thrive as they have traditionally for centuries.

5. Waterfalls and streams are flowing:

The heavy rainfall of the monsoon brings about a seasonal natural feature that creates scenic views for travelers. Waterfalls and rolling streams appear across the landscape to be explored by you. It completely transforms and adds to the beauty of the region. The rolling, mountainous hills create the perfect terraces for water to flow down as the monsoon carries on. We trek and ride through plenty of beautiful waterfall scenes and wade through streams during our Chasing the Monsoon tour.  


6. Local homestays provide the perfect refuge in the storm:

When it’s time to stay dry, there is no better place to watch the storm rage on from than a warm homestay with friendly locals. The Western Ghats region has plenty of friendly locals who sustain their local economies by opening their estates high in the mountains to travelers who want a more authentic experience. Homestays are a great way to truly experience the beauty and importance of the monsoon. You will enjoy home cooked meals from local produce. Many homestays also grow their own produce or spices in monsoon rains.

7. Views from traditional places are incredible:

The mist of the monsoon rains and the bright green growth it brings create the perfect compliment to ancient stone. There are plenty of historic temples and forts to visit throughout the Western Ghats during the monsoon season. This is a special time to visit these sacred places. The temple of the wisdom goddess Sharada is stunning during this time. There are forts from long passed dynasties that hold a ton of history that are well preserved and come to life in the monsoon rains. We explore these on our Chasing the Monsoon tour by biking and trekking to where they overlook the mountains.

8. It’s perfect outdoors weather for the adventurous:

If you’re up for it, traveling through the Western Ghats during the monsoon is just a completely different experience all together. Being constantly drenched in the monsoon waters as we travel by bike through the mountains and plantations is a really cool experience. It’s different than our other tours through dry or coastal areas. It make take getting used to, but completely surrendering to the elements and being immersed in a natural event like the monsoon is amazing. It’s unlike any other way of seeing this region the thrives and celebrated the rains.

For all the local connections you need and guidance to the most incredible parts of the Western Ghats, travel with us.

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