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Authentic ways to see the real India

A international fascination with India has long existed, particularly in the West, but the world has been given a rather filtered version, just as with most cultures. The culture of the real India seems to be particularly shrouded in mystery. As other cultures have begun to explore, appreciate, and assimilate parts of Indian culture into their own as they see how years of tradition have created some of the most interesting cuisine, religions, and lifestyle methods. In the US alone, our fascination with Yoga and Ayurvedic practices is abundant.

But is the world seeing the real India?

India is as mysterious and unique as its origins, diversity, and terrain. There is much that is invisible to the traveler without a local perspective. Luckily, there are ways to see the real India and experience the birthplace of some of the world’s oldest traditions and histories.

Here is how you can experience the authentic India as a tourist:

Homestay and farmstay experiences in the Himalayas:

There is no better way to see how life in India really is than living it side by side with those who call some of the most authentic and hidden areas of India home. Though they are rare, there are opportunities to experience the lifestyle and people India in a personal way like this. Through tours like Unventured’s Himalayan Menali to Leh Cycling Tour, you will stay in local homestays across different villages through the Himalayas during your journey. Locals will show you first hand traditional ways of life that have thrived in the difficult terrain of the Himalayan region for thousands of years and given way to traditions that have spread across the globe. Experiences like this can’t be found on day tours and tourist destinations.

Traditional cooking lessons by locals:

Indian cuisine is known worldwide for its exotic and unique flavor not found anywhere else in the world. Though this traditional has travelled a long way from home, there is nothing like experiencing Indian cuisine where it has sustained life and tradition for thousands of years. Culturally immersive tours like the Eastern Himalayan Cycling Tour bring you deep into regions stock full of untouched tradition to learn first hand how to cook Indian classics in the ultimate farm-to-table experience. Take knowledge you can’t learn online home with you and learn traditional cuisine from a remote and serene part of the world.

Explore religious history and traditions first hand:

Yoga and Ayurvedic traditions have long been a fascination to the rest of the world, particularly the west. And for good reason. So much of what we have in terms of modern religion, philosophy, and medicine can be traced back to this cradle of civilization. But what we experience outside of India is a radically different version of the pure history and religious experiences in their homeland. Getting to witness the ancient ritual and healing magic of India’s religious culture is a privilege very few get to have. To have the most authentic experience, finding the right guides to take you to where you can have a true spiritual experience is key. Check out the Ladakh on a Bicycle Tour for opportunities to travel by bike to the epicenter of Buddhism and experience traditional ceremonies with locals.

Be one with the unique natural terrain with cycling tours:

For such a beautiful natural terrain, there are ways to experience it that are more impactful than others. To really see and feel the terrain of Indian, outdoor and open air ways to travel across the land are ideal for a life changing trip. It’s one thing to see, it’s another to experience the elements in this ancient landscape. Unventured cycling tours for everywhere from the Himalayas to Goa are a perfect way to get as close as possible to the entire experience of India. Travel for one day to up to fourteen with a local guide who is focused entirely on curating the most authentic experience possible.

Unventured in focused on bringing you the real India and using tourism to elevate the local communities. Check out all of the Unventured tour options to find the perfect summer trip today.

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