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The best tours for active solo travelers

Traveling in a group or in a pair can be a bonding experience, but traveling alone is a personally transformational experience.  Anyone who has explored a destination that is far from their norm solo can attest. For a really transformational experience, traveling actively for an added challenge that pushes you to develop more individually can make your solo travel even more memorable. There is something extremely rewarding about being one with the elements and moving forward into what is unknown to you by your own means. It also provides a closer, more intimate look at culture and generates your own understanding. There are many places in the world that are made for solo active travel and it’s the best way to experience them.


Here are the best active solo travelers that you can take:


Shorter trips:  


Mysore Two-Day Getaway:

Mysore is quintessential India and many travelers get a complete fill of all the sites they’ve been dreaming of. That’s what makes it such a great weekend getaway destinations. You can see quite a bit in that amount of time. The city ifull of stunning palaces, gardens, colorful markets filled with flowers and spices as one would expect. It’s also home to renounced yoga schools perfect for those looking for an active vacation. The Mysore Weekend Culture tour covers it all with an element of physical activity that brings you close to the beautiful terrain and people of the area in a unique way. It’s a mix of both biking through natural scenes, engagements with local culture, and getting up close and personal with the rich history of the city. It’s not the most physically intensive tour but is very culturally immersive and perfect for a solo traveler making their way in and out.


Hampi and Badami via bike:

Two days is pretty short but if you’re looking for something not too long but with a more active experience, this is a perfect trip for solo travelers. With a small group you get to venture across the Karnataka region to an ancient city that once symbolized wealth, victory, and advancement with a huge impact on our modern world, now labeled a UNESCO World Heritage site. After biking through the flat, rocky terrain on the way, we explore the 20 plus ancient temples, palaces, and buildings that once made up complexes that were home to world trade. Walking through the walls is like walking through history itself. This is a spiritual and reflective journey for any solo traveler who wants to know the most impactful spots to soak in. Aside from touring ruins, you also explore the terrain, water cascades, lakes, and local culture as you ride through the region on bike and on foot. The intensity is moderate so there is a good physical challenge in a perfect time frame of five days.  Read more here.


Long Duration Trips:


Sikkim Valley on bike and foot:

If you’re a solo traveler looking to go really off-the-grid with like minded individuals, this is a perfect trip to jump on board. For active travelers, often the best adventure is one where you can really spend some time out far from the norm and in nature. This trip really offers that experience paired with local knowledge that you can’t get elsewhere. The Sikkim valley is regarded as one of the most beautiful viewpoints throughout the Himalayas with natural landscapes that are unmatched elsewhere. Despite its well preserved natural beauty, it’s also a centre for cultural and religious history. The vibrant valley is dotted with ancient Buddhist monasteries and traditional tea estates that offer an unmatched cultural experience. For solo travelers with no local connections, this is how you get the authentic immersion experience while physically challenging yourself to conquer the Himalayan terrain. A whole eleven days immersed in something physically and culturally different will be transformational for any solo traveler seeking an ecpereince. Read more here.


Rajasthan: bike through the land of the Maharajah’s

If you’re a solo traveler who wants an experience that is full of culture and hands on learning as well as being more active than just a bus tour, this is the perfect trip for you. For eleven, days you can cycle through Rajasthan and the surrounding sites that have long captivated travelers. Rajasthan is known for the opulent, colorful, and vibrant culture India is known for, it encompasses both the present and past of that image beautifully. This experience includes a great mix of natural wonder, history, and culture. You spend days climbing the wooded hills, sand dunes, and exploring the ancient lakes and ruins on bike and on foot. You also get the opportunity to explore markets, busy towns, and be greeted by warm locals in villages. You’ll get to stay and eat local for a truly authentic look at the Indian way of life. For any solo traveler who wants to know how to go off the grid and see the best of quintessential Rajasthan in a unique way, this is the perfect trip. Read more here.


Traveling solo is an incredibly rewarding experience when you’re able to get to the most core essence of a destination, conquer challenge, and meet like minded individuals. You can explore more destinations and tours perfect for such here.


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