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Offbeat travel destinations with unique cultural experiences

Travel is more than just photo opportunities. Travel in an authentic and immerse way will shape the way you think, the decisions you make, and your outlook on life. Seasoned travelers with a taste for experiencing the true culture and the authenticity of a region know this.

Travel is also not just impactful to those who travel. It’s impact is even more significant to those areas that are travelled and the people that live there. In an increasingly global world, this is becoming important. At Unventured, we aim to and we encourage others to aim to be authentic, respectful, and sustainable travelers. We curate our tours to give you authentic experiences that celebrate, preserve, and support local culture.

The best way to travel for experiences that change you is to go off the beaten path destinations and experience culture like a local. Here are a few travel destinations that offer more than resorts and normal tourist routes ever could through curated, small local tours.


Bhutan- Land of Thunder Dragon:

A small nation located in the heart of the Himalayas, Bhutan offers a unique experience literally nowhere else on earth can replicate. Bhutan is the last nation ruled by a king and it’s interesting history is well preserved in its rich culture. For those interested in experiencing and learning about Buddhism firsthand, this is the place to go. Have a completely immersive experience in a land deep in the world’s most sacred and untouched mountain range with real Buddhist monks. There is plenty of beautiful terrain to explore as well as local cultural activities to give you a complete experience. You will leave with much more than just a camera roll of photos.

Booking a tour with Unventured is the way to guarantee a truly authentic cultural experience. In a place as quiet and sacred as Bhutan, it’s important to have local connections to really immerse yourself. Unventured’s curated tour is your local connection and personal guide to this unique corner of the Himalayas.


Goa, India:

What creates unique culture is a place where cultures have mixed and yet been preserved. It’s a rare occurrence and is becoming increasingly scarce due to globalization, but there are a few places that retain their own. Goa, India is one of them. Goa is even unique for India. Goa was a Portuguese province up until 1961 and that influence is still very much present while mixing with Indian culture. Goa is also an incredibly biodiverse area of the world, offering some of the most unique flora and fauna on the continent. Being coastal, Goa is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It brings together many elements sure to make an unforgettable and multi-layered experience. It is truly unlike the rest of India and anywhere else in the world. Being a small state, it is off the beaten path and somewhere where you can really experience local culture authentically as an outsider with the right guides. Unventured’s eight day Goa bike tour gets you right in with local culture and traveling to the most beautiful locations Goa has to offer.


Tromso, Norway:

When people think of traveling to Europe, there are the typical countries you think of: Paris, London, Amsterdam, etc. But there is so much more to offer than this already incredible international cities (though they are wonderful). There are unique corners of Europe that offer sights and cultural experiences completely different from anywhere else in Europe or the world. Norway’s interesting history of Vikings is contrasted by its modern culture’s progressive and eco friendly mentality that makes it a beautiful, organized, and preserved country to visit. Tromso, Norway offers a unique view at something beyond our place on Earth way down here: the Northern Lights. Sprawling across untouched wilderness, the lights are the perfect touch to the fascinating cultural and visual experience of Norway. Unventured’s 8 day Tromso tour is the most complete way to see everything this beautiful corner of Europe has to offer on the ground and in the atmosphere with a local touch.

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