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How to see the Himalayas without trekking

The Himalayas are a unique part of the world so removed from the beaten path, there are few ways to truly explore and experience. There are plenty of tour companies that offer ways to see the area that match a variety of preferences. However, to experience the serenity and truth of the Himalayan landscape, you need to be willing to expose yourself to the elements a bit to become a part of the environment. To experience the rich history and culture that has been kept safe hidden in the rugged terrain of both mountain and desert valley, you have to be willing to experience it the way those who created it and still live it do.


Here are some ways to truly experience the Himalayas and its history and culture apart from the average trekking trip:


Homestays and Farmstays:

There are tours that offer the unique real-life perspective of staying in the home or on the farm of a local in the Himalayas. Unlike anywhere else, you get to experience how life in the Himalayas exists now and has for thousands of years. You will get to experience the climate, altitude, natural means of survival and agriculture for yourself in the most authentic environment possible. Homestays and farmstays are equally comfortable yet a unique way to live out a part of your journey through the Himalayas. The Spiti Valley Bike Adventure Tour and The Eastern Himalayan Cycling Tour offer these experiences.


Cycling guided tours:

The problem with trekking only tours of vast areas like the Himalayas is that you don’t cover enough ground, literally, to experience all the area has to offer. With a guided cycling tour through parts of the Himalayas, you are able to see so much more of a variety of terrains, villages, and unique natural landmarks in a shorter amount of time. It is also arguably more comfortable and easier to recover from a day of cycling. On one of Unventured’s guided cycling tours of various areas of the Himalayas, you’ll get to experience a wide range of terrain, culture, and varying scenes over the course of 7 to 14 days. For example, Unventured’s Manali to Leh Cycling Tour covers rugged mountain terrains, mountain passes, to end up in the culture-rich valley town of Leh.


Culinary and cultural experiences:

Besides just the breath-taking views, there is so much more to the Himalayas that needs to be uncovered with the right local touch to have a truly authentic experience. The cultural aspects of the Himalayas are as unique as the landscape and as mysterious. Picking a tour that offers a local, off-the-beaten path experience is key to seeing the real culture. Meeting locals, experiencing first hand the spiritual side of Buddhism that has thrived in the region, and tasting homemade local food is unbeatable and not to be missed. Unventured offers scenic cycling tours that also are heavy on cultural and culinary activities so you have a full package experience of this unique region and its people. Unventured’s Eastern Himalayan Cycling Tour and Spiti Valley Hike and Bike Tour offer these opportunities.



As with any incredible natural landscape, the best way to experience it is to be one with the natural surroundings. The Himalayas are particularly perfect for this during the summer months. Tours that offer opportunities to camp out in the natural environment are a great way to heighten the spiritual experience of the Himalayas. For thousands of years, this has been an area where humans and nature collide together in harmony to discover what is deeper. Staying out in nature is the way to do that. Unventured tour Spiti Valley Hike and Bike Adventure offers plenty of opportunity to camp outside.


Expand your experience and don’t miss out on the most incredible parts of the Himalayas by booking a diverse and authentic tour with Unventured.


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