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Born travelers and adventurers, dreamers of far away places. Discoverers and the ones who show others the way. Share the joy of new sights and sounds. That means we’re constantly on the move. For us, there’s no greater thrill than the unexplored and undiscovered. It’s how we’re built: curious, adventurous, and anxious to see it all.

Our Team

Gurudeep Ramakrishna
Gurudeep Ramakrishna
Chief "Unventurer"

‘Chief Unventurer’, organic terrace gardener, the ‘start-up’ story guy, wildlife buff aka trail tracker, Sushi’tarian and the big picture guy. Passionate about travel, Guru’s tryst with the outdoors started with capturing images from the wilderness on a camera.

With a decade’s worth of time in start-ups and having tire tracked his way in the Himalayas 5 times over; Gurudeep found ‘home’ in the great outdoors, a penchant to connect with people, culture and new experiences that led him to launch Unventured. Its his way to bring people, places and experiences home under the deep blue skies. Gurudeep is certified in Wilderness First Responder by NOLS

Tejaswini Gopalaswamy
Tejaswini Gopalaswamy
Chief "Awesomiser"

An art and music aficionado, sitar player, history, culture and people buff, aka the one who brings the zing into all our experiences. Always a traveller at heart, Tejaswini’s interests in history, people and culture fills her travel itineraries.

Her other interests are in curating people, stories and cultures. A writer and art curator with ‘Art Symmetry’ and at Unventured, she plans all the going-ons behind the trails, adding experiences to make sure you come back with unforgettable memories. Good humor and quirkiness are a part and parcel of every trip she leads. Tejaswini is certified in Wilderness First Responder by NOLS

Shwetha Rajashekar
Chief of Experiences

Seeking out unique off the beaten path and experiential travel experiences for herself, friends and family is what brought Shwetha to join Unventured. With over 8 years experience in working for large corporations and post her sabbatical Shwetha chose the travel start-up to kindle her entrepreneurial interest. Shwetha is very hands-on person and doesn’t take no for an answer.

Shwetha is very kicked about creating interesting travel itineraries, researching about and finding unique places and experiences. At Unventured Shwetha does exactly that and more – she owns marketing, sales and customer interactions here at Unventured.

Chief of "Finance"

A traveler at heart, Ravi chose finance and accounting as a career, the traveller in him brought him to Unventured, he is at the heart of managing all things Finance and Legal. As our ‘Chief Treasurer’ approving all our crazy travel demands, Ravi mans the Unventured money vault and is responsible for the company’s partnership and business affairs.

When he is not busy crunching numbers and reading reports, Ravi joins us on several of our exploratory expeditions and recce tours unleashing the traveller in him. His tryst with the cycle has just begun and he’s loving every moment of it.

Aarti Shastry
Chief “Marketeer”

Aarti has a Bachelors in Economics and a Masters in Development Studies, she loves adventure travel and is an Improv Artist. She loves to try her hand in various hobbies and currently has found Contemporary Kathak as her new found muse. An active “Trash Talker” she believes in living an economically sustainable lifestyle and brought significant input to the “No Plastic” program here at Unventured. She focuses on building the City tours and Marketing in the company. She also loves leading these tours and is certified in Wilderness First Aid Medicine by NOLS