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Travel is an experience, more importantly a personal experience. The way you choose to see and experience a destination changes your entire outlook on that destination. All travelers are vastly different. Some travelers enjoy something more scenic and calm rather than interactive and adventurous. Others like the challenge of an adventure or even traveling solo experiencing a destination. One thing travel should always do, if you’re seeking a transformative experience, is immerse you in new world and present you with its authenticity so you leave with new understanding and perspective.


City tours:

Some people love to explore the central hub, the center of society of every destination they travel to. You can learn a lot by the way different regions have developed; how they’ve built their cities, expanded, who has built them, who lives in them, what they create, etc. City tours are a perfect way to see the epicenter of a vast region if you’re short on time or want to see a cross section of a culture. They’re perfect for travelers who want to pack their days full of sites and experiences. They’re less active and great to travelers who don’t want too much of the physical challenge of adventure travel. Explore our city tours here.


Weekend getaways:

We don’t all have the perfect situation to “drop everything and go”. But most of us can drop a few things and go for a couple days over the weekend. For the busy yet wanderlust-driven traveler, weekend getaways are a perfect way to be in another world and forget the grind of everydayness for a brief period of time. With a weekend getaway, you are able to disconnect from what ties you to your life and mindset and truly be immersed in a different place and culture. It has a potential to be much more impactful and transformative when you spend more than just a day in a region. You can spend weekend getaways going further out from the city and metropolitan regions as well and explore something more off the grid compared to reality. Explore weekend getaways throughout India here.

Extended getaways & Long duration tours:  

For those wanting to go a step further in immersing oneself in a culture and destination, longer duration tours are the perfect adventure. The most impactful and interesting are tours that include an element of physical challenge and adventure. Often, the only way to get to the most secluded, authentic, and beautiful places other than by road or modern transportation is on a bicycle. If you’re someone who is up for a challenge and loves a physical challenge, the truest, purest perspective of a region is open to you. Especially for destinations that are natural wonders, you need to connect with the people, their way of life, take a slower pace experiencing your journey 360º to wholly connect to the ways of the local people. The more time you spend immersed in a destination, the more you will experience its true culture. The great thing about longer duration tours is that you give yourself ample time to explore the details of a destination without any thought of home. You stay among locals right within the heart of the region. Some of the most rewarding long duration tours are ones that combine adventure in nature, physical challenge, and rich cultural experience. We lead an eleven day biking tour through the Sikkim valley of the Himalayas where we stay local and climb peaks and ride through incredible scenes. Check out the Eastern Himayalan cycling tour.

Explore our other extended getaways here.

Explore immersive long haul tours here.


Our focus with our adventure travel tours is to immerse travelers in a cultural experience and bring them to the most incredible parts of a region with the help of local connections. We have leveraged the diversity that India has to offer to curate itineraries with travellers seeking any type of vacation. India has something for everyone. We offer mountain holidays high in the world famous Himalayas, beach holidays on the stunning east coast and Andaman islands, tours through green rolling hills during the monsoon season in the Western Ghats, tours across desert valleys, and to some of the most important and ancient historical sites in the world. India truly has something for everyone with a unique spirit that cannot be experienced elsewhere.

All you need to be is a traveler and we can set you up with the perfect trip to see India in a way that resonates with you.


What real travelers have to say:

“I really enjoyed getting to know Mysore by Tej and Arjun’s guidance. You can tell that you are being guided by passionate people who love what they do. I was sick during that day and they made sure I felt very comfy and taken care of. Everything was according to plan, no surprises. You get the feeling that you are traveling with friends and that’s a plus. Even before taking the tour, the customer service was over the top. On time and efficient responses always.” Read More…


“We were planning a wedding in Bangalore and we wanted our guests to experience the city so we worked with Unventured and so glad that we did. They put together a few days in Bangalore and 2 days in Mysore and created itineraries that were highlights of the entire trip. They were so easy to work with and the guides that showed us around were knowledgeable and full of energy.” Read More…


“2nd year in a row we had asked Unventured to make a week long ride for our group of 12 60-ish year old men. This time we did a 800 km round trip from Cochin covering “houseboat” – Varkala – Vagamon – Munnar – Valparai – Fort Kochi. The tour was a huge success and Unventured and Guru did a superb job in organising the tour and taking good care of us all along. It is a great way to experience India.” Read More…


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