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Redefine travel, the Unventured way!

It is often said that the best way to explore a place is through its people. At Unventured, we stand by this adage and believe in curating holiday experiences that give you a taste of local culture.

At Unventured, we specialise in designing a multitude of packages that cater to your unique travel needs. From hiking through the terrains of the Himalayan region to exploring the bylanes of Rajasthan on bicycles to cycling across the sandy shores of Goa to chasing the famed Indian Monsoon, we have something on offer for every discerning traveller’s needs in every season.

Now, you must be wondering, “I could just book a ticket from my local travel agent and have any vacation I want”. Well, you could! But imagine a vacation where you discover the city through a local guide – someone who can let you explore unfamiliar terrains, give you interesting snippets about local cultures and help you discover local treasures that you definitely won’t find on your Google search.

Travel agents vs. tour operators

Tour operators, like us Unventured, ensure that all your travel needs are taken care of from the moment you say ‘Go!’ Lodging, transportation and planning of activities are just some of the many travel essentials that we provide. While tour agents usually provide travel services for multiple cities in a cookie-cutter package tourism sort of way, tour operators focus on specific locations and bring you a personalised package that includes the best of experiences the destination has to offer.

The Unventured difference

Experiential travel

Experiential travel is exciting travel. It’s a way of experiencing the city/country through its culture, history and people combined with your senses of sight, smell, touch and others. Don’t be mistaken, it doesn’t mean missing out on sites like the Taj Mahal; in fact, it means having it all! Experiencing local and seeing wonderful things!

Today, experiential travel is booming as travellers are no longer satisfied with passively touring through scenic locales and seek active participation in local cultures.

Recent trends also show that the majority of the crowds are opting for tour packages that involve food tours, heritage walks, sunset cruises, snorkelling, kayaking, visiting local markets and hiking experiences. There is a need to strike the right balance between exploring popular locations while also partaking in local cultures, foods, rituals and practices.

And Unventured is a company that specialises in offering experiential travel experiences.

The Unventured experience

At Unventured, we offer travel experiences that incorporate these trends into exciting packages. Biking, hiking and diving are popular tours offered by us while also exposing you the cultures and lifestyle of the locals. We do not believe in offering luxury experiences but rather comfortable experiences that open your horizons to alternate ways of life. Throughout the tour, we ensure that your safety and comfort needs are never compromised. Local hosts are always briefed about the needs of travellers to ensure that they face no hassles.

All our experiences adhere to:

  • Providing local experiences – Local knowledge is what is offered to global travellers who wish to explore new cities via unconventional ways.
  • Adventure with a softer landing – Feeling a little tired after a day of excitement? No worries, just hop onto our customised support vehicles and rest your feet.
  • Social and small groups – You no longer have to see the heads of innumerable travellers while trying to catch a glimpse of local attractions. Our tours include small groups that can transform into a community of friends. Individual assistance and quality experiences are what we wish to provide instead of merely focusing on large numbers of people. All through the journey, we strive to personalise your travel experiences.
  • Safety- When travelling, rest assured that you are in safe hands. We have a NOLS certification and all our tour leaders are trained to provide assistance as and when required.
Encouraging Responsible Travel

What if you could make a difference to the environment and society as you travelled on a fun-filled vacation? With Unventured, it’s actually that simple to make a lasting difference.

We believe in propagating sustainable travel and ensure that no damage is done to the environment during our tours. We also believe in giving back to the host community and our tours are crafted to provide livelihood to local artisans, tour guides and residents who open their homes and hearts to travellers.

Our local tour guides do their bit in sensitising travellers about the culture, geography and socio-economic conditions of the region. Being a responsible traveller is a satisfying experience and lets you discover the authentic culture of the people.

You’re tour guides

We are sure you feel bouts of nervousness when exploring an uncharted terrain for the first time. Travelling through new lands has its own set of challenges, but with Unventured, our tour guides and tour leaders are with you through each step of your travel journey. Our tour leaders are expert bike mechanics and are also trained in administering first aid when required. Empathetic and friendly, our tour leaders are there to constantly support you through the most arduous of journeys. Our local guides are an interesting bunch of people ranging from artists, entrepreneurs, organic farmers and Sky and deep sea divers, who believe in sharing the love of their land and their interesting stories with new travellers.

So, the next time wanderlust strikes you, know that Unventured provides the experiential travel experience your soul seeks.

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