An Active Travellers Guide

The Journey vs The Destination

An active traveller chases the experiences that they would encounter on a journey instead of hurrying to get to the next destination. At Unventured, we curate experiences that celebrate this journey. For a great active travel experience, you will need a balance of local interaction, a way to test yourself by pushing your boundaries combined with an itinerary that is refreshing. That’s what makes for a perfect vacation. You will go back having tasted the local cuisine, having had insightful conversations with the locals, learnt of their interesting stories that helped invoke a new perspective in you that you might have missed.

What does it mean to Travel “Actively”?

When you engage your senses with the surroundings, be it nature, people, cuisine, and learn by taking to an adventure that will broaden your horizons over and beyond just zipping past in a car. “Active” travelling allows you to take a slower pace. You can choose to cycle, hike, or walk, but you have the time to stop, connect with the people, accept an impromptu invite to visit a farm or simply drinks some chai with the locals. You are allowing yourself to be connected with an experience. You can take a challenging route or try a less arduous route but in any trail, you will have experiences that leave you feeling more connected to the place. 

Your Active options – Hike, Bike, Dive, Multisport or Drive.

At Unventured, we cater to all which is why we have several “Active” options lined up for you. You can choose to walk barefoot and feel a real connection with Mother Nature or hike through various terrains through the Himalayan region or the Western Ghats. Simply walk at your own pace and revel in nature’s bounty with every step. Here is what our hiking itineraries look like.

If the bike is your choice of transport, then you cover more ground and get the bonus of flying past breathtaking views from behind the handlebar. It’s sure to delight you. What’s more? You get to pick your intensity levels from the Easy, Medium, and High-Intensity trails. It’s all about experiencing India at the pace of a pedal. Here is what our biking itineraries look like. 

Want to mix it up? That’s all right, we’ve got you covered with the option of having multi-sports hike and bike itineraries spanning through India, Bhutan, and Srilanka.

Thinking of exploring the underwater world? You will love our custom curated and scheduled dive tours through India and South East Asia. Learn to identify reefs and aquatic animals while exploring a shipwreck or so.  

Want to take it a little easy? Let us curate a fun drive tour, where you get to stay with the locals, learn of their cuisine through cooking experiences, and cultural interactions.


Your Trip Guide

Our Tour Guides are our family and their personal interest in travel brings them to Unventured. Their local knowledge will help you find the best wine, cafe or cuisine in the hidden back alleys of our trails. They are not only trained to fix your bike but also cheer you up during challenging rides, prepare a quick meal at a home café. You are in safe hands with our NOLS (Wilderness First Response) certified trip guides who are ready to react aptly in case of an emergency. Meet OUR GUIDES

Why travel with a group?

A good thing about travelling with a group on an active vacation is you are mingling with like minded travellers who are threading the same path as you are. We’ve been told time and again that the comaraderie the travellers have shared with their fellow travellers has remained a fond memory over and beyond the tour. Here (hyperlink) is a kind testimonial to cycling through the highest himalayan region as a group. Watch Here

What is a support vehicle and how will it help me?

There will be rest stops every 20-35 kms depending on the terrain; you will have access to your luggage, and the opportunity to have drinks/snacks that the support vehicle will carry for you. Your support vehicle will travel with you at a 200 meters distance from you at all times, giving levy to traffic and other occurrences.

Not all countries of the world have the same transport facilities and regulations. In all destinations we ensure that transport meets the standards of local regulations; you must be prepared for this to be of a different standard than you may be accustomed to.

For any more information about your active travel experience read up on our FAQ’s  and the Travel Preperations list. If you have any thing that you would like to know we are just an email or phone call away.