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Mysuru gets its name from Mahishasura – a mythological demon (asura) king who is believed to have ruled this region. Mahisha means buffalo, and the king had the body of a man and the head of a buffalo. Mysuru is rich in history and culture with numerous stories laced around wars, royalty and colonisation.

Mysuru is known for its architecturally beautiful palace, traditional arts and crafts, silk weaving, yoga experiences, and authentic local food.

At Unventured, we have curated a few culturally immersive tours of Mysuru. Our local guides speak fluent English and take time to understand your interests to make your experience very interactive, safe, local, and truly authentic. We believe in showing every traveller the essence of the place and go beyond the Lonely Planet or Trip Advisor recommendations. This helps us offer some unique and experiential tours that give travellers a preview to our vibrant country and more specifically to Mysuru.

Customers Speak

  • This tour had everything we were hoping for. Our tour guide, Nishchal was super friendly, accommodating and very knowledgeable. His genuineness along with guiding us through locals shops and their workings, gave us an authentic look at Mysore than other tours. We were also taken to plenty of beautiful sites and given the history of their creation before we got to the Palace of Mysore making this tour very worthwhile. Overall this tour was an amazing experience and we would recommend it to anyone who wanting to explore Mysore.

    Tony Kyle
  • This tour was a real treat. Our guide, Sou, was not only a lovely and positive person, but had great knowledge of the city and was a professional from start to finish. The locations were well chosen, and included all kinds of interesting local food, drink, and visiting many different kinds of craftsmen. Good vibes all the way and we even ended up with some special gifts, but I’ll say no more so as not to ruin the surprise;) Thanks again for a great evening, Sou, if I had more time in Mysore I would definitely have looked into having another tour!

  • Me and my friends participated on Market tour organized by Unvetured. I can write an essay about how incredible it was. We saw places you just can’t find if you are not a local. We listened stories you can’t find even on Google. We tried a lot of local stuff and listened the stories behind it. We could ask any questions, talked about our lives, guides lives. Comparing our worlds. We just had one of the best days in my life, honestly. I wish to have guides and tours like that in every city I go. This is totally more than highly recommended.

  • Great experience! I totally enjoyed the guided bike ride through the Mysore countryside with the farm fields, canals, historic fort, summer palace, and temple. Shruthi was an excellent guide! She set a comfortable pace and was flexible to allow us to stop and ask questions whenever we wanted. Her English was very good and she provided just the right amount of commentary and information. The food breaks were well timed and good. I will definitely be looking at going on other bike trips with Unventured.


Our Popular Mysuru City Tours

City Tour

Mysuru in a Nutshell by Car

A mix of all the must visits places and experiences in Mysuru in the comforts of a car, this tour includes a session of Yoga, Mysuru palace, hike to a legendary temple, vibrant markets, craftwork, silk weaving and local cuisines.
From₹ 5,500
City Tour
Mysuru Palace

Mysuru Through its Markets

Walk through one of the oldest markets in this region on this tour. From flowers to fruits to jewellery to incense sticks to bangles to coffee to sweets, the bustling markets of Mysuru is an absolute delight for every traveller.
From₹ 1,500
City Tour
Mysuru City Tour

The Mysuru “Maharaja” Walk

Delve into the history, legends and political systems of the kings of Mysuru during this walking tour. This journey takes you on a stroll through the palace, the markets and iconic structures along with traditional breakfast.
From₹ 2,500
Mysuru Dasara Special

Mysuru Dasara Special Tour

Explore the city of Mysuru through stories and legends as it comes alive with bustling bazaars, wrestling matches, royal celebrations, grand processions, lit up Amba Vilas palace and Gombe dolls during Dasara festival.
From₹ 1,000
City Tour
Mysuru Palace

Mysuru in a Nutshell by Tuk Tuk 

Ride the novel TukTuk, or the auto rickshaw weaving through the markets, craftworks, palace and silk weaving units of Mysuru. Hike to a legendary temple, yoga session and local cuisines are also a part of this tour.
From₹ 4,500
City Tour
Mysuru City Tour - Srirangapatna Trail

“Pattana” The Mysuru Countryside Trail

This day long ride takes you on a trail across the countryside, villages and sugarcane farms around the outskirts of Mysuru. Explore the river island of Srirangapatna that is soaked in history and laced with monuments.
From₹ 5,500
City Tour
Mysuru City Tour

Good Morning Mysuru Bike Tour

Ride out in the early hours of morning through the old quarters and landmarks of Mysuru. Get introduced to Yoga, learn the art form of Rangoli, stroll through the markets and relish a delicious traditional breakfast as well.
From₹ 3,500
Day Tour
Mysuru Day Tour

“The Treasures of Mysuru” Day Tour

A treasure trove of stories and experiences, this driving tour of Mysuru takes you on a cultural and immersive journey. Delve into the history of Mysuru through its palace, markets, temples, silk factory, toys and cuisine.
From₹ 12,500

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Outstation Tours From Mysuru

A rich wildlife experience traversing through the forests of southern Karnataka either biking or on a drive. Wind your way through countryside and plantations, and enjoy wildlife safaris with stays in jungle camps to sight wildlife and endemic birds.
A forest trail through the beautiful Nagarhole national park, known for its rich biodiversity. This has a mix of cycling and local interactions, apart from wildlife safaris as the national park is known for its elephant and leopard sightings, and birdlife.

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