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Mahisha Uru – The city that was once the home of Mahisha, a demon also known as the ruler of buffaloes. Mysore is one of the cities which boasts of a royal palace! The city is rich with history and many stories of wars,  royalty, colonisation, and a province that saw some great administrative prowess during the reigns of its rulers. Mysuru is also a great hub for yoga.

From the legend of sharing a demon’s name to one of India’s most architecturally beautiful palaces, stories of war and an early struggle for freedom, traditional arts and crafts, silk weaving,  yoga experiences, and traditional local food; Mysore has a lot of stories and rich experiences a traveller would love to experience. 

At Unventured, we have curated a few culturally immersive tours of Mysuru. Our local guides speak fluent English and take time to understand your interests to make your experience very interactive, safe, local, and truly authentic.

We believe in showing every traveller the essence of the state and go beyond the Lonely Planet or Trip Advisor recommendations. This helps us offer some unique and truly authentic experiences that give travellers a preview to our vibrant country and more specifically to Mysuru. Our thoughtfully curated tours are unique of Mysuru and are designed for the traveller who is looking for things to do in the Royal City of Mysore. Whether you are here on a business visit or on a leisurely holiday, our tours will bring you that much closer to the city, its people, and their way of life.

Booking a tour with us very simple, easy, and safe. Depending on your interests we’ve curated 2 unique experiences that are must-dos in Mysuru. (hyperlink). If you have specific interests just fill out an enquiry form, be sure to mention your specific interests and we’ll curate an experience for you!


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We can tailor make your tour exactly how you want it. Whether it's tweaking an existing itinerary, booking a standard tour on a different date, or creating your own unique one!
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