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India—a land of myriad cultures, natural wealth, diverse weather, and a melting pot of rich history and traditions. From the frozen peaks of the Himalayas to the vast expanse of plains and deserts of central and northern India to the tropical weather and lush greenscapes of Southen India; its expansive borders encompass an incomparable range of landscapes, cultures, and people. This diversity in landscape is what makes India home to some amazing experiential holidays. Be it urban adventures, high-altitude treks in the mountains, history filled with stories of love, betrayal, wars, and sacrifices, culturally immersive experiences, rich heritage, traditions, or colourful festivities; India is the vivid dream that you awake from only after you’ve left.

To other countries, I may go as a tourist, but to India, I come as a pilgrim.

– Martin Luther King, Jr


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India was never united as a single country until she was colonised by the British in the 17th century. Long before colonisation, the subcontinent had been ruled by many kingdoms and dynasties. The country is considered the source of many religions that are as old as about 5,000 years. The region has also been influenced by invasions from central and west Asia, followed by colonisation from European nations between the 17-19th century. This left a trail of rich history, great rulers and administrators, and stories of legends. Today India is home to over 28 different languages and over 700 dialects spoken across the expanse of the nation.



India’s history is wrought with influences from Islamic, Hindu, and Buddhist rulers, and Christian invaders. They have all left behind their imprint in rich, colourful art and architecturally beautiful cities. From the Taj Mahal in the North to the palaces of Rajasthan and richly designed temple complexes of southern India; the land is a treasure trove of rich design.

India’s traditional art forms and artefacts such as the carpets from Kashmir, marble-carved murals from Rajasthan, stuffed dolls from central India, bronze and brass figurines from south India, and silk and silk sarees from across the country are sought after across the globe.

As a traveller, you will leave the country with memories for a lifetime, having learnt about the Indian way of life.



From snow-capped mountains to sandy beaches, from dune-filled desserts to tropical forests, from plains to plateaus, from bustling cities to quaint villages; India’s divergent geography and climatic conditions offer something for every traveller. This makes India a year-round destination to explore. For the adventurous and active traveller, it’s an opportunity to go off the beaten path. You can choose to trek in the Himalayas, cycle along the beaches of Kerala, take wildlife safaris in the Western Ghats, scuba dive in the Andaman Islands, raft in the rivers of Himachal, or walk the alleyways of ancient cities like Varanasi, while constantly immersing yourself in the spirit of adventure.



The most distinct feature of India is its diversity in culture, religious beliefs, and traditions. Here, language, food, culture, religious practices, and daily practices differ from region to region. If you are interested in the country’s history, or curious about the local way of life, be assured that you will find an answer by simply asking. You will always be greeted with a warm friendly smile, riveting interactions and a whole lot of knowledge to soak in.  Indians believe in “Athithi Devobhava” a Sanskrit term that simply means “the guest is a form of God” and treat them with respect, generosity, and kindness. India and its people will appease your senses and leave you wanting more. Try the roti made from millets or the famous masala dosa, the spicy meat dishes or the lip-smacking seafood from the coasts. Depending on the time of year you find yourself in India, be sure to experience some of the local festivals like Ugadi (beginning of the Hindu Calendar year), Deepavali (festival of lights), or Sankranti (the harvest season).



For the uninitiated, India’s cultural and historical past and religious diversity offers a host of truly local experiences within the region. From singing and dancing to folk songs that celebrate life to sampling local cuisines, the possibilities are endless.

For those who come with an open mind and those who are keen on exploring the region for its quirks, Unventured brings you closer to the region through a host of interactive and local experiences across its many tours in India.

At Unventured, we aim to bring to you truly local and authentic experiences from around India through well-curated tours that bring together flavours from every corner of the country. Our team of young, knowledgeable, and passionate tour guides will bring you closer to the region with the help of these tours. We work with carefully handpicked local hosts who bring to you a truly authentic experience of India. Whether you pick our hard adventures or a private and soft active tour, you’ll never fall short of stories, immersive experiences, and moving interactions with the locals.

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