Let’s Step Out – Active Day Trips

Nature-based active adventures for small & private groups

Innovation and adaptability come easy for us at Unventured, staying indoors and resting on our laurels is not our thing. We pride ourselves in moving with the times and taking a customer-first approach. Our team is passionate about finding new destinations for you to explore and our region-based, day-long active getaways in the outdoors, be it hiking, biking or even camping closer home, you now have a choice of half and full-day fun adventures you can take on and explore “Namma Ooru”.


The Faith Hill Hike

Wind up through muddy terrains, rocky boulders and a relatively unexplored landscape to reach the top of this hillock situated in the Bengaluru countryside, 55 km away from the urban jungle. Adorned with a temple and a dargah at its highest peak, the Faith Hill Hike witnesses an amalgamation of faiths, combined with caves and ancient ruins, historical tales and at the same time providing travellers with a stretching view of the Siddaganga hills and the Bangalore-Tumkur highway.

A perfect blend for travellers looking for adventure mixed with culture and history – complete the experience with a packed picnic brunch to be enjoyed with a view.

  • Start Point: Agalakuppe
  • End Point: Agalakuppe
  • Distance: 4 Km

Twin Peaks Trek

The “twin peaks” are a set of two identical hilltops, situated 75 km away from the city. Deriving its name from the characters of the Hindu mythological literature, Mahabharata, it is one of the lesser-known hiking destinations situated in the Bengaluru countryside, and therefore much less crowded than its other famous counterparts. As you reach the top, enjoy a splendid view of Nandi Hills, Skandagiri Hill and Avalabetta all in one single frame. Pay respects at the shiva temple located midway hike. Pack a picnic lunch and you have a perfect half-day getaway for a family, group of friends or even a corporate outing.


  • Start Point: Chikkaballapura
  • End Point: Chikkaballapura
  • Distance: 4.5 Km

Lake Bed Cycling Trail

(Hesaraghatta Lake)

One of the popular cycling routes near Bengaluru, Hesaraghatta Lake and its surrounding grasslands are an ideal place for an early morning ride. The trail offers unending views of farmlands, lake, villages and numerous avian fauna all along. The terrain is mostly flat throughout and is well recommended for beginners and nature lovers. This is an ideal trail to rejuvenate and cycle through the quaint countryside of Bengaluru.


  • Start Point: Indian Institute of Horticulture Science
  • End Point: Indian Institute of Horticulture Science
  • Distance : 20 KM

Countryside Cycling Trail

(Ghati Subrahmanya)

This cycling trail starts from the base of Nandi Hills and winds its way past the countryside, villages, small shrines and open farmlands to Ghati Subrahmanya temple. The landscape all along is lush green and strewn intermittently with boulders. The terrain is a rolling one and the ride is mostly on tarmac with a short stretch of off-road terrain through a village. The trail is recommended for frequent riders and nature lovers.


  • Start Point: Kanivepura
  • End Point: Kanivepura
  • Distance : 40 KM

Forest Cycling Trail

(Ragihalli- Thattekere lake)

Further south of Bannerghatta Biological Park, this trail takes you along lush green terrains along Ragihalli state forest and further ahead to Thattekere lake. This is one of the greenest stretches in the outskirts of Bengaluru with scenic views and a rolling terrain. Closer to Thattekere lake, one can spot avian fauna as well apart from the beautiful views of the countryside. The trail is mostly on tarmac with a few good climbs all along the way.


  • Start Point: Bannerghatta Biological Park
  • End Point: Bannerghatta Biological Park
  • Distance : 45 KM

Countryside Hike and Bike Trail

(Savandurga – Manchanabele)

This intense multisport day tour takes you on a cycling trail to the 400-year-old Big Banyan tree and then through the countryside to the scenic Manchanabele dam and further to the base of Savandurga fort. The trail is a picturesque one with scenic views and a rolling terrain. Post cycling, hike up Savandurga hillock, one of the largest monolithic hills in Asia. The hike is a moderately intense one with breathtaking views of the surrounding hills.

  • Start Point: BIdadi
  • End Point: Savandurga base
  • Ride Distance: 40 KM

Ancient Fort Hike

(Makalidurga fort)

One of the popular treksI n the outskirts of the city, Makalidurga hillock is surrounded by a large lake and has a railway track running along its base. A major attraction of the trek is the Makalidurga fort that lies atop the hill. Along the way do soak in the aerial views of the surrounding landscape. The trail is abundant with overgrown grass and has numerous twists and turns. The fort’s ruins, beautiful temple on top and the spectacular views are highlights here.

  • Start Point: Muthurayaswamy temple (base)
  • End Point: Muthurayaswamy temple (base)
  • Distance : 4 KM

Cave Temple Hike

(Siddarabetta Trek)

Believed to have been the abode of saints, Siddarabetta is a beautiful medium intensity trek that leads through lush greenery and a rocky terrain. The initial stretch is a steep climb of steps that leads to a cave temple with a picturesque setting all the way. The trail from the temple is slightly challenging and goes through bushes, rocks and offers spectacular views all along to the top. The panoramic view of the surroundings and distant hills is an absolute delight from the summit.

  • Start point: Siddarabetta Entrance Gate
  • End Point: Kuramkote Doddakayappana temple
  • Distance: 5 Kms

Hill Fortress Hike

(Skandagiri Trek)

Skandagiri is a hill fortress located in the outskirts of Bengaluru and is also referred as Kalavara Durga. The trail has a couple of steep climbs, but it is otherwise mostly along a craggy landscape with bushes and rocky outcrops all the way. Breathtaking views and rattling wind accompany you to the top on this moderately intense trek. Apart from a ruined fort on top, aerial views of the sprawling landscape the neighboring Nandi Hill and low-lying clouds are absolutely spectacular.

  • Start Point: Papagni temple, Kalwara village
  • End Point: Skandagiri summit
  • Distance: 8 Kms

Traveller's Speak

  • Coming from super bikes and super cars and now trying my hand at cycling regularly. We went with Unventured Expeditions, and extremely happy to say these are the guys to go with. Very professional and very informative and a great learning experience every time. All the very best guys…

  • Words can’t justify the excellent experience Unventured provides. They offer a wrapper of joyful experiences in a 4 hour-long journey. We were a group of friends new to cycling and they cross all the T’s and dot each I’s. From handpicking cycles to suit our height and comfort while making sure we are enthralled and captivated by the stories they churn out about the places we visit…

    - ARVIND D
  • I joined the bicycle tour in Bangalore’s countryside led by Tej and it was an amazing trip. The mountain bicycles were all well maintained and suitable for the partially rough street conditions. Tej was keen on telling me everything she knows and could answer any kind of questions. In a nutshell if you are interested to see the Bangalore countryside and want to escape the city life, this trip is highly recommended…

  • Another great tour with Unventured. Guru took me on a ¾ day adventure just outside Bangalore, mixing up some cycling with a climb up to a hill fort. In total, we cycled 50 km on Unventured’s great mountain bikes that are well suited for the rural roads and villages outside the city. We go off our bikes and hit Svandurga, an old fort high up on a hiilside, that was quite a scramble…

    - JAMES
  • Brilliant team of people who will ensure you will get the best possible experience whenever you go with them. They keep the group size small so as to ensure a personal touch to every individual. If you are a traveler at heart and want to venture out with like minded people then Unventured is the best choice for you.

  • Tej and Guru of Unventured, Thank you for taking us on such amazing cycle trails and hikes. Every trail of yours is unique and so well researched by you. You enthrall and captivate us with stories along the way yet ensure that we are safe and secure. Riding with you guys has been one of the best experiences I’ve had and I look forward to many more with you…



At Unventured, you come first and therefore we have a detailed safety procedure that is conducted prior to each tour.

Our ten-point safety guidelines ensure the health and hygiene maintenance not only by the Unventured team, but also by our tour hosts and vendors.

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