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Bengaluru’s origins in its etymology is known as the city of boiled beans, synonymous with being the technology hub and start-up capital of the east. Bengaluru is a melting pot of culture bustling with a huge migrant population of ex-pats, locals from the region, and people from various part of the country.

Bangalore has a unique and colourful history that dates back to 750 AD with a vibrant local culture and fantastic local food to savour.

At Unventured, we offer a host of active and culturally inclusive tours of the fabulous city of Bengaluru through stories. Our guides are the locals from the region, speak fluent English and take time to understand your interests to make your experience interactive, safe, regional, and genuinely authentic. We go beyond the Lonely Planet or TripAdvisor recommendations, to offer some unique and bona fide experiences that give travellers a sneak peek of what it is to live in a country like India and more specifically in Bengaluru

Customers Speak

  • My daughter and I did the Unventured ‘Bengaluru through it’s markets tour’ and ‘Good Morning Bengaluru cycling trail’ -they were fantastic. The difference with Unventured is that you feel like a local friend is showing you their city. You get lots of history interesting facts and they take you to local places that you would never find yourself- like a street where cows are milked every morning and a step back in time to real artisans dying and weaving Sarees. Couldn’t recommend Unventured highly enough.

  • I so enjoyed my tour of Bangalore with unventured expeditions. We visited Pete Markets, got a flower bracelet and bangles and saw the flower, spice, fruit and veg markets. Next was a visit to a Hindu temple where the architecture of Hindu temples and history of Hinduism was explained. We visited Tipu’s summer palace and also saw silk cloth being dyed and woven. The masala dosa was delicious, hot and cheap! I highly recommend this tour for anyone who says there is nothing interesting in Bangalore!

  • Real experience of Bangalore. Tej was an amazing tour guide. If you want a really authentic trip in Bangalore to see the local sights (not your usual tourist traps) then this is the trip for you. Excellent value including transportation to different places, food and lots of historical insights. Would highly recommend and only wish could do more. Overall this is the best thing I’ve done in Bangalore in the 6 weeks I’ve been here, and will most likely do another Unventured tour at some point in the rest of my time here.

  • We were looking for a safe tour to see Bengaluru and we found a gem here. We started at the Tipu Palace, moved to a Temple, and flower market. Guru provided an excellent blend of his history and cultural knowledge that entertained us all. We enjoyed it so much that my wife, who did not have to work while we were here went back for a art- based solo, custom tour with Tejaswini. It, too was very informative. The meals served both days were a real treat as well. We would highly recommend it.


Our Popular Bengaluru City Tours

City Tour
Bengaluru City Tour - Pete Walk

Bengaluru Through It’s Market – the “Pete” walk

Walk around the epicenter of Bengaluru's various markets filled with vibrant colours, fragrances and arts. Visit a beautiful Hindu temple, Palace of the erstwhile Sultan and taste some delicious local breakfast treats.
From₹ 3,500
City Tour
Bengaluru City Tour - Tuk Tuk Tour

Bengaluru by Tuk Tuk

Let's ride the novel TukTuk, also called the auto rickshaw weaving through the bustling city and visit Hindu temples, iconic structures, try local food, interact with local artisans and explore the various markets in the city.
From₹ 4,500
City Tour
Nandi Hills Cycling Trip

Treasures of Nandi : Biking Adventure

Explore Bengaluru's countryside cycling around the quaint village of Nandi, and visit an 8th-century temple, learn about farm life, experience pottery, understand silk rearing and yarning, and indulge in local cuisine.
From₹ 13,000
City Tour
Bengaluru City Tour - Temples and Thindi

Good Morning Bengaluru – City Bike Tour

Ride out in the early hours of morning through the old quarters of the city to experience how Bengaluru wakes up everyday. Visit ancient temples, stroll through garden spaces and relish delicious local breakfast as well.
From₹ 4,500
City Tour
Bengaluru City Tour at Vidhana Soudha

“Bengaluru in a Nutshell” – Drive Tour

A mash-up of all things local and iconic places in Bengaluru, in the comfort of an AC car, with visits to "Must see" sites, interesting experiences, local cuisines, and some of the hidden gems that are off the guide book.
From₹ 10,000
City Tour
Bengaluru City Tour - Authentic Bannana Leaf Meal

South Indian Home Cooking Experience

Indulge the chef in you joining us on a traditional South Indian cooking experience with sit down plantain leaf meal. Hosted by a local family and you will learn age-old recipes passed on from generation to generation.
From₹ 5,000
City Tour

Treasures of Nandi : Hiking Adventure

An active day of exploration with history, nature, local stories, farm visits, and learning about silk rearing. We drive out of Bengaluru and hike up the famed Nandi Hill for some great views of the surrounding countryside.
From₹ 13,000
City Tour
Bangalore City Tour - Pub Tour

Brews of Bangalore – Pub Crawl

The very first pub capital of India, explore Bengaluru's most famous watering holes with a local and understand the city’s liquor culture. Try the craft beers and refreshing local cocktails and learn about the local way of life.
From₹ 5,500

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Outstation Tours From Bengaluru

A treasure trove of stories and experiences, the tour of Mysuru takes you on a cultural journey dotted with stories and experiences all along. Learn about silk rearing and wooden toys enroute to Mysuru before delving into the history of the city through its palaces, kings, markets, temples, silk and cuisine.
Rich biodiversity, lush green forests teaming with life; come discover, Karnataka’s wild side, enjoy 8 wildlife safaris, stay at eco lodges, learn about conservation and local way of life. This is guided wild adventure with a local naturalist offers opportunities to spot tigers, leopards, elephants and winged beauties.
Once the hunting lodge of the Maharaja’s of Mysore, Kabini is now an eco-reserve famed for its elephant congregations, wild cats and avian life. This 2-day adventure is mix of active cycling (optional) and jungle safari’s; the perfect weekend away from the urban jungle.
The royal city of palaces is also the cultural capital of Karnataka, rich with stories of legends, kings, wars, local arts, yoga and local food. Visit a toy factory, craftsman’s workshop, spot birds in a sanctuary, stroll through palaces, local markets, try local food, learn yoga and experience the local way of life.
Bike your way through the winding trail leading up to the Shevaroy hills in Yercaud. Ride through coffee plantations and quaint villages, vantage points, lakes and waterfalls. An active way to unwind with family and friends over the weekend while soaking in the quietude of nature.
Bike your way through the rolling hills of Munnar soaking in the charm and serenity of nature. The trail is a mix of biking and hiking, and traverses through quaint villages, tea plantations, hikes in national parks, visiting a tea museum sandalwood reserves, forest stretches and waterfalls.

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