Making Travel Safe

Our Approach to Travel This Season

You’re cared for and it’s our job to ensure a memorable journey when you decide to #GetUnventured on our perfect outdoor adventures curated just for you. With the world facing global pandemic and being locked down in houses for long periods of time, we understand that there’s an urge to step out.

Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway.”

Mother Teresa


As we gear up to #RestartTourism, we want to build our relationship on transparency and trust. We are committed to ensure a great outdoor adventure that is safe and fun. The decision to travel is completely your choice, but when you do decide to explore the world again, we will be here waiting for you. Here is how we plan to manage your adventures with Unventured when you’re ready to travel again.

Pre-Tour Preparedness & Support

Staying Educated and Keeping You Informed on Latest Updates

We’re always monitoring what’s happening locally and how it impacts our trips and this pandemic is no exception. We’re using the latest recommendations and advisory from the WHO and travel trade associations, along with consulting local partners and authorities where we travel, to guide our decisions for your tours. We’ll keep you updated with any important information related to your departure.


Remote Support & Prepared Tour Leaders 

Our team at Unventured HQ is prepared for emergencies and we’ll be there to provide the support for you and our field team when needed, If you choose to go on a Self-Guided Tour. On Guided tours, our Tour Leaders, are trained in Medical First Aid, will follow a protocol on periodic monitoring and screening of customers, staff and self. A new training program for our Tour Leaders will set them up to support you as we travel in these unusual times. They’ll be proactive communicators and will be prepared to manage logistics around any adjustments needed during your trip.


Arriving Healthy

Your safety and health is our primary concern and we want to be sure you’re fit to get on board for the journey. On day one of your Unventured tour, you will follow all standard safety protocol and screening. Anyone running with a temperature of more than 98.6° F will be immediately directed to get in touch with local medical authorities.


Physical Distancing

We’re recommending that all travelers bring their preferred facemask, gloves and glasses (your physical distancing aids) and suggest you wear them when in close proximity with other travelers especially in confined spaces. However, while in the outdoors and in open spaces the choice is totally yours. We’ll have hand sanitizers, disposable masks and other gear handy in all out transport vehicles and in our medical kits. It’s always good to bring your own.

On Your Tour


We’ve always had a handpicked set of accommodations as our partners in various regions that bring together hygiene and add character to the experience. With COVID-19, we’ve become more picky with this and we are now ensuring our partners follow hygiene standards, can assure us of exclusivity when accommodating guest and follow a much more rigorous safety and hygiene protocol after checkout’s and before check-in’s. All Unventured properties are also following stringent guest and staff screening to ensure their own safety and the safety of the next customer walking in.

Transport & Equipment

From disinfecting vehicles before every tour and sanitization protocols every time you board our transport vehicles we’ve covered all bases. Our equipment (bikes and all active gear) is also subject to a strict wash and sanitizes protocol, before each tour and also a daily cleaning schedule on multiday tours. We will ensure the touch points are sanitized multiple times for your safety.

Food & Hygiene

While food remains an integral part of the Unventured experience, we’ve taken a safety stance to abstain from food on our short half-day tours. All long duration tours will follow a strict protocol of packed lunch during the day and no street food. Trip leaders are trained in food handling safety and will be receiving additional training on CDC and WHO safety guidelines.

On-Tour Emergencies

Every individual in the group will be screened everyday and monitored. In addition, in the event of any participant showing early signs and symptoms COVID-19 infection, will be insolated, and the team from Unventured HQ and the tour leader will kick-in and emergency protocol of evacuation of the infected person and/or necessary reporting and planning with the concerned authorities. This will also include the planning of a safe and comfortable place for the infected person to keep isolated and necessary medical attention is provided to him/her.

When on the roads, there are many factors within our control and many that aren’t, but we believe Unventured way of travel has always primarily focused on safety. Of course, whether you’re traveling the world or sheltering in a place, life is never completely risk free, which is why only you can decide what’s right for you.

Read our Detailed Travel SOP and Do’s and Don’ts for our staff, partners, crewmembers, and properties we travel to and most importantly for our customers.


Standard Operating Procedures


Standard Operating Procedures

Booking Tours

What is the best time to book a tour with Unventured?

Book with us anytime with trust. We have relaxed our booking and cancellation policy and will be happy to plan a refund mechanism ( for cancellation due to COVID-19) that suits you.

When do you expect to be open for bookings?

We are open to plan and discuss tours you wish to join starting September 2020. For Past Unventured customers, we are open for private/custom tours earlier than September 2020.

What is the advance to be paid for a booking?

Talk to us for flexible advance payments and we will work with you based on the region you plan travel to offer a advance amount that you are most comfortable with.

Is the advance money refundable?

Yes any advance payments are refundable based on the mutually agreed deadline for cancellations. This is a special case only applicable since April 2020 following the global COVID-19 pandemic. This policy will stay in effect until it is mentioned on our website.

Planning for 2021

Do you have a tour calendar for 2021 departures?

NO, we currently DONOT have our 20201 calendar ready. You can expect this in a few months. In the meanwhile if you wish to explore regions and talk to us about your interests, plans or time of the year you wish to travel. We will work closely with you and or your group to plan and curate experiences for you.

How do I plan a private tour or custom getaway with Unventured?

At Unventured we love to custom curate/ plan private travels for individuals and groups. The best approach is to write to us with your requirements.

When will the COVID-19 pandemic end?

Having followed reports from across the world and consulted expert doctors, the best possible solution to fight COVID-19 will be a Vaccine. We expect the arrival of a vaccine 6 months from May2020, however once the effects of a vaccine are tested and proven Vaccine, and before full scale production, we will see a significant shift in trust and confidence in public.

Group Tours

How many people join a tour group?

Unventured organizes groups tour of 12 -15 people and not more. The numbers vary between the various tour types and the group composition. Active adventures that are HIGH intensity will be limited to 12, while leisure cultural adventure tours can take a group of up-to 15 people. Our average group size in the past has been 10.

Can I form my own group for the tour?

Certainly, following the COVID-19 pandemic we are encouraging private/custom group tours. Greater trust in travelling with a known group of friends/family

I am a single person, can you help me travel?

Yes, we can address this in 2 possible ways

o Accommodate you in our group departures with other members.
o Plan a tour exclusively for you, and to keep costs low make it a “Self Guided” adventure.