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Travel Story Teller – City Tour Leader

The Travel and Tourism industry is on the verge of a revolution; The definition of a tour guide is changing with the description of a traveller and tourist. In the current scenario, there are thankfully more “travellers” who are looking for unique and sustainable ways to experience a destination through understanding the local way of life, taste the region’s cuisine, deep dive into the cultural diversity and interact with locals to understand and rejoice all of the above. We, Unventured have over the past 5 years we have been the locals for travellers who want to see our beautiful country beyond the cliché. We are rated highly by our travellers as the best in the Industry providing experiential tours in India, Bhutan and South East Asia.

As an organization, we believe in focusing not just on our customers but also our team that plays a prominent role in building this “way of life” where travel meets local experiences through sustainable means.

Roles and Responsibilities

We’re looking for someone with a warm personality and a passion for travel and storytelling. At Unventured, a “tour” is less about giving out statistical information, and more about a storytelling experience with a local friend. 

  • As part of the team, you will be guiding travellers through Bengaluru and Mysuru. Some of the must-have Core/Key skills are
  • Engaging – Ability to hold the attention of your guests/travellers without being repetitive. Share information through illuminating and entertaining ways, rather than repeating a list of facts and instructions.
  • Patient – Answering questions you’ve already answered multiple times, you will show both competence and enthusiasm, to help your guest come to a satisfying conclusion to the question they had in mind.
  • Empathetic – Feel the Room – Your radar is always on to feel the room. You should be able to put people at ease, reassuring them that they are in good hands and that they should try to have the best time possible.
  • Good Sense of Humour – A guide with a good sense of humour will increase the enjoyment of the tour and temper any tensions that may arise.
  • Energetic – Long days, large groups, physical activity, and nearly daily crisis management require a great deal of energy, both mental and physical.
  • Timely – Punctuality is a must-have quality. If you are not on time, that makes for unhappy travellers and frustrated co-guides.
  • Organised – The experience should feel seamless and effortless. Logistics should be nearly invisible to the eyes of the participants.
  • Keen interest in History and Culture – continuously learn about his/her destination. Look out for new experiences and share them with the team.
  • Knowledge of the local language (Kannada/Hindi)
  • An acute sense of direction
Work Experience

Prior work experience in the hospitality industry is preferred and not a must.

About Unventured

Who are we? 

Unventured has been a dream that we have pursued with our many travellers creating an experience where travel meets adventure for the real-world experiences with a softer impact. We have come a long way and we have many more miles to explore along the Unventured path.

Our Vision

Set a NEW benchmark for alternative and experiential travel in India. Travel that is: immersive, inclusive, off the beaten path and truly gives an essence of the local culture, history and way of life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and curate products for travellers to connect with the spaces they travel to actively and via local experiences. We want to do this with an ethical, responsible and quality performance that builds long term relationships with our employees, vendors & customers.

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