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And just like that, this idea is 5 years old and growing STRONG!  In our early days as we set-up the company, our goal was to bring a new approach to how people travel. Move from conventional package tours to curated, local and authentic experiences that gave our customers a traveler and a locals perspective to the region and its people, responsibly and sustainably; one that goes beyond the “touristy” highlights of a the region to a journey.

As a business we focused on growing and nurturing this idea in the “old school” start-up kind of way, this meant our source to revenue was also the old school way with “Top quality customer service”. With no deeper pockets for big teams and grand marketing budgets, our way to new customers is and always has been, word of mouth and references and rightly so 5000+ customers and we know them by their names.

(The first of our cooking session’s)

(Celebrating  small victories with in house  team lunches)

We invested both time and money in these key areas of

  • Keep it LEAN
  • Focus on the CORE BUSINESS

 We worked out of a small home office and kept things simple and basic. Our amazing family of team members has been witness to this journey. From office cleaning chores to cooking lunch for everyone, from sitting together as a team and packing out our giveaways’, from washing, servicing and cleaning cycles before tours, to ferrying our guests from one place to another in our own cars.  We’ve opened doors to our homes for get-together with well wishers and customers celebrating tours.

Today we are an 8-member team that has created truly amazing experiences for over 5000+ customers from across 30+ countries experiencing India, Bhutan and Sri Lanka.

Unventured Office

Our Team in the New Office

Here are some amazing photo memories’ as we transitioned from a small home office to an OFFICE space that also doubles up as a traveller’s space where we intend to inspire people to travel the alternative way.

We thank YOU our customers for investing in this idea called Unventured.  You have shared this journey with us as we’ve taken small steps in growing as an organization  that continue to nurture this idea of local and authentic travels across many destinations with YOU. We raise a toast to you!

Stop by at our office the next time you are in Bangalore or in our part of town! Meet your team that curates your memory of a lifetime travel experience.

Here is our office address: https://g.page/unventured?share

Address – Padmashree, No 4, First Floor, 5th Main Rd, Jayamahal Extension, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560032

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