A trek through the Bhabha valley of the Himalayas

Unventured recently returned from an incredible trip through the Bhabha river valley of the Himalayas on foot. Trekking is arguably the most natural and intimate way to see a region like this. The places you can get on foot tend to be more authentic, real, and hidden than by bus or car. Traveling the way locals do and have for thousands of year through this ancient region also creates an authentic experience you can’t duplicate any other way. Here is a little more on our latest adventure through the Bhabha valley.


Our group:

The group traveling with Unventured was a diverse and interesting group of travelers that added to the experience. We were a group of 9 total which was the perfect number for a great group dynamic but just intimate enough to not feel like a big tour. We stick to this at Unventured. In our group, we had a mom with three enthusiastic kids aged 10, 12, and 14.  Their delightful observations of the local flora and fauna added a whole new perspective to how we as adults see and perceive our surroundings. There was a seasoned trekker who had years of adventures around the world behind here but this was her first in the Indian Himalayas, which was a different and challenging trek for her as well. There were two childhood friends who used this trek to reconnect and getaway from technology and connect on a personal level again. We had a fitness enthusiast who wanted to test out her endurance but delighted in conversations with shepherds and exploring the way of life of this new culture. The trek for her was beyond the endurance of the body but more of the mind. We also had a nature lover, farmer and adventure enthusiast having bicycled and motorbiked her way through the Himalayan region. This trek was a purposeful, slower pace that allowed a new perspective.

The Trek from Kafnoo to Mulling:

The beginning part of our trek was characterized by picturesque views. The highlight for us was spotting the unique Himalayan flora and walking through temperate forests. We had the opportunity to spend time collecting some Himalayan herbs to boil up a tea. Locals and guides helped us with spotting unique flowers like the Cobra Lily.


From Mulling to Kara:

This part of the journey was a short day’s trek through meadows with the Bhabha river by our side. Our campsite this evening was one with a view to behold. We crossed paths with shepherds and listened to their stories along the way. This intimate cultural experience was definitely the highlight for the group. The territorial dogs let us take pictures of the sheep and the kids were happy to pet the dog.

Kara to Fustirang:

This next part of the tour was another short trek where we had to cross the Bhabha river on many occasions. The crossing the cold water was tough but also strangely invigorating on our feet after the long days of trekking. Most of us were happy to trek through the path barefoot and enjoy the closeness with nature.

Fustirang to Buldar:

This day, we climbed to the summit of the pass. We completed some very steep and challenging climbs. This was a first experience for many hiking through snow. The summit to the pass was tough for us all but a rewarding experience. Trekking at an altitude of 4850m was not easy, but we were all well acclimated but this point in the trip. The hike down the surreal snow capped pass on thrilling downhill slide was a lot of fun and a great reward after the hard work.

Bulgar to Mudh:

This final day was one we were all looking forward to and not. Of course, everyone was excited for a warm shower but leaving the picturesque mountain ranges, the connect with the forest, and the shepherds we had built over the past few days was something we did not want to let go. The hike to Mudh was quite easy. The quaint little village welcomed us with hot thukpa (a local dish) and generous hospitality of the mountain people.


It was a perfect close to an incredible trip. It was a challenging and enjoyable experience for even a group as diverse as ours. We can’t wait to lead our group on an amazing natural and cultural experience through our favorite regions! Explore some of our upcoming destinations.

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