Enthralling Experiences from Bengaluru

The joy that travel brings can seldom be the adventure we look forward in our life. To break free from the monotony and our digital cases and step outside our boundaries to explore a world beyond. This world may be sitting right outside our doors or may lie miles away – but we’d never find it unless we start looking. This is what Unventured’s Let’s Step Out video talks about, that we all once in a while crave adventures and getaways from our daily life.

And after months of indoor confinements, we know you crave this too. This blog is our effort towards helping you plan a much-needed getaway – half day, full day or weekend, active adventures and staycations.

Active Adventures

Explore the vivacious countryside of Bengaluru at the pace of a pedal or on a day long hike through the lesser known hills on the outskirts. Indulge in a day packed with active adventures, rejuvenating your body and soul after months of indoors confinement. An excellent way to bond with family and friends is to do some amidst nature.

Cycling Around the Nandi Hills
  • Distance from Bengaluru – 65 Kms

Ride around the Nandi hills base enjoying the lush green of the towering mountains, strewn intermittently with boulders. The terrain is a rolling one and the ride is mostly on tarmac with a short stretch of off-road terrain through a village. The trail is recommended for frequent riders and nature lovers.

Cycling Along the Hesarghatta Lake
  • Distance from Bengaluru – 35 Kms

The Hesarghatta lake trail offers unending views of farmlands, lake, villages and numerous avian fauna all along. It is an excellent way to get acquainted with the Bengaluru countryside. The terrain is mostly flat throughout and is well recommended for beginners and nature lovers.

Ride Along the Ragihalli State Forest to Thattekere lake
  • Distance from Bengaluru – 20 Kms

Further south of Bannerghatta Biological Park, this trail takes you along lush green terrains along Ragihalli state forest and further ahead to Thattekere lake. This is one of the greenest stretches in the outskirts of Bengaluru with scenic views and a rolling terrain. Closer to Thattekere lake, one can spot avian fauna as well apart from the beautiful views of the countryside.

Hike up the Savandurga Hill
  • Distance from Bengaluru – 50 Kms

Pack yourself a picnic and head out for a day long hike up Savandurga hills, one of the largest monolithic hills in Asia. The hike is a moderately intense one with breath-taking views of the surrounding hills and the Arkavathy river.

Hike up to the Makalidurga Fort
  • Distance from Bengaluru – 60 Kms

Makalidurga hillock is surrounded by a large lake and has a railway track running along its base. A major attraction of the trek is the Makalidurga fort that lies atop the hill. Along the way do soak in the aerial views of the surrounding landscape. The trail is abundant with overgrown grass and has numerous twists and turns.

We all deserve an escape  – Active Staycations.

Steal a quick getaway from Bengaluru on a weekend getaway, and book yourself a much-deserved stay in our featured property nestled in the lap of nature.

Explore the local region at the pace of a pedal and indulge in active adventures, learning intimately of the local culture and region.

Note – If you have a destination you’ve been wanting to explore, drop us a mail at get@unventured.com and we can curate the most perfect vacation for you tailored to your needs and interests, complete with all safety precautions.


Nestled in the laps of the Western Ghats and adorned by the River Cauvery, Coorg provides everything one needs for a getaway along with a physical and mental cleanse. Ride along the coffee plantation on a bicycle and get a glimpse of the serene hill station. Take your bike up the Brahmagiri hills to witness the birth of the river Cauvery and pay your homage at the Bhagamandala pilgrimage site.Indulge yourself in the comforts of a lush 300-acre plantation paradise in this beautiful resort perfumed with the subtly intoxicating aroma of coffee and spice.


Come away from the hustle and bustle of city life, on a “Scenic Relaxed Holiday in Sakleshpur” exploring this beautiful hill station in Karnataka. Explore the vivid coffee plantations of the region at the pace of a pedal. Ride your bike up the Manjarabad Fort and learn of the local culture and anecdotes. There’s no better way to calm your senses. Stay at our featured property – surrounded with slopes of coffee plants and rolling hills covered densely with flora and fauna, making it a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate your inner self.


Indulge in a jungle safari and experience Indian wildlife up-close. Ride your bike across the kabini backwaters and learn all about local anecdotes and stories. Stay in villas with design inspiration from the Hadis or tribal villages. This picturesque resort of sweeping panoramic vistas, is bordered on two sides by the Kabini River. Plan a long weekend to indulge yourself in one of the pool huts or jacuzzi huts of your choice, unwinding from the city hustle-bustle.

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