India plate by plate: Discovering India’s Local Food

To experience India the its entirety, you have to do more than just “sightsee”. Every 200 kilometres in India, the local cuisine completely changes. The ethnic groups and influences have a stronghold across the nation that give it a diverse and unique cultural landscape few countries can imitate. India offers so much below the surface of it’s beautiful landscape deep within it’s culture. As curators of local experiences, we have a few suggestions on how to explore and understand the vast and varied cultures of India by their cuisine.


Deep in the Himalayas and surrounded by Bhutan, Tibet, and Nepal; Sikkim is a unique region with unique traditions that have lead to its own culinary culture. A Buddhist area, Sikkim is rich with tradition. Dotted with monasteries and original organic tea estates, there is unique mix of agriculture and religion in this area very much worth exploring. On the Unventured Eastern Himalayan cycling tour, you will get to go to one of the oldest tea estates in the area and explore this practice hands on. The Gorkha region boasts its own unique style of cuisine that is absolutely a must-try. Inspired by nearby Tibet and Nepal and high altitude agriculture in the Himalayas, it is surely unlike anything you’ve experienced before with a unique blend of exotic herbs and spices.



This remote high altitude desert region in the Himalayas has lead to a creative and crafty form of cuisine that isn’t present anywhere else in India, let alone the world. Different from other areas even in the Himalayas, Ladakh is heavily influenced by its Tibetan roots and culture, there is a unique blend of cultures easily experienced in its markets and local culinary experiences. On the Unventured Ladakh tour, you will even get to learn local cooking hands on at a homestay. This is the best way to experience the culture, terrain, and traditions of Ladakh in the most authentic way possible. High altitude agriculture and meat like Yak play an important part in local cuisine. Local connections are the only way to experience an area and culture like this!



Kerala is a beautiful coastal region which also boasts the Western Ghats, a mountain range that are home to tea, coffee, and spice plantations. The rich, unique biodiversity of the region and fertile climate and terrain have brought about an equally diverse culinary culture. Kerala cuisine has a distinctly coastal influence with dishes being served on banana leaves and including a lot of seafood, coconuts, and plantains from the region. However, also home to plenty of spice plantations, Kerala cuisine’s flavors are incredible and unlike anything you’ve tasted before. Unlike other neighboring areas of India, Kerala has a Muslim background that has influenced a number of non-vegetarian dishes of a variety of meats. On the Unventured Kerala tour, you will be able to experience a spice plantation and cuisine for yourself with locals teaching you and even stay with locals for an even further immersive authentic experience.


There are so many more incredible regions in India with unbelievable culinary traditions for foodies from around the world to enjoy. We specialize in bringing you into India culture as a local, not a tourist, so you have an unforgettable experience. Explore Unventured tours for more local experiences here. 

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