Popular Cycling Trails in Slovenia

Cycling, biking, and mountain biking have become more and more popular as we are getting more conscious about our nature and outdoor activities. It’s not only about the adrenaline, but it’s also about relaxing and wandering through the beautiful countryside.

Slovenia, however, is one of the most beautiful central European countries with a network of amazing cycling trails for both beginners and advanced pedal lovers.

From the hills to the sea

The cliffs of the Slovenian coast are very scenic and quite undiscovered. The stunning sight of the Moon Bay away from the tourist crowd is the best way to visit on a guided bike tour. This is a trail that combines the flat coastal part with a hillier inland. If you think you are not up to the difficulty of the trail, you can opt for an e-bike – a great option also perfect for non-pro riders.

The best way to start the tour is in the coastal town of Koper, then heading to Izola, riding through meadows and vineyards, followed by a downgrade to the Slovenian Riviera gem of Portorož. As you are there, you should proceed your way to the salt pans of Sečovlje. On your way back, if you still have some power in your legs, you shouldn’t miss the Slovenian picturesque Venetian style town of Piran and jump into the Adriatic Sea.

Ljubljana Bike Tour

The beautiful, green, vivid, and fun capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, is one of the cleanest cities and therefore a great place for an active trip. Its flat terrain and rich cycling culture is perfect for sightseeing on two wheels. With a combination of a healthy exercise and sightseeing of Ljubljana’s main attractions, you will have a chance to see the highlights of the centre.

Taking a bike tour, it’s a safe and fun way to explore all city highlights guided by a local English speaking guide, who will present to you the story behind the city within just a few hours.

Velika planina bike tour

In the Kamnik–Savinja Alps, very close to Ljubljana you can take a perfect mountain bike destination of Velika planina, a genuine Slovenian plateau. The rough trails of gravel and dirt terrain will lead you through forests and fairytale-like open green pastures with cows and sheep and traditional alpine shepherd’s huts. But don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes, have something warmer in case of a temperature drop and a water-resistant rain cape.

Goriška Brda bike & wine tour

Did you know that Slovenia is a rich wine-making country? So, if you are a wine lover besides being a bike lover, you should take every Slovenian’s advice: try the wine! The best place to combine both is the renowned wine-producing region of Goriška Brda, also known as a Slovenian Tuscany. From its vast vineyards, the most famous Slovenian wines of all sorts come from.

The vineyards are located on the hills, which means that you should expect quite an up-and-down kind of trail on asphalt and gravel terrain. You’ll be cruising through charming and colourful vineyards and small idyllic villages, and at the end of your journey, be rewarded with an exclusive wine tasting at one of the famous local wine cellars.

It’s time to hit the Slovenian off-road and have a fun exercise through the most beautiful Slovenian natural spots and cycling trails. Hey, here’s a tip: late spring, summer, or early autumn.

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