How to prepare yourself for a mountain bike holiday in the Himalayas

Whenever you are considering an active vacation that involves equipment like a bike tour in the mountains; it is imperative that your planning and preparedness stage is taken seriously as it will often determine the kind of experience you end up having. The more adventurous your destination is, like the Himalayas, the better your preparation needs to be. Every detail needs to be looked into to ensure your safety and also to make sure you are ready for any contingencies with failure of equipment. Ample research about the terrain and road conditions will also help you plan for the right gear and equipment for your active holiday. Alternatively, you can choose to work with an active travel or tour company to help you plan and make sure you are completely prepared. Work with a local tour company and you will find that they not only have the local knowledge but are also current on the weather conditions, terrain conditions, gear and equipment required etc to ensure your trip runs as smooth as possible. At Unventured, we focus on an all-inclusive experience where you don’t have to worry about the logistics and the gear an equipment or the places you will stay at. We offer a fleet of good quality, well maintained bikes on the tour so you don’t have to worry about the gear or carry spares and supplies on the tour! This means that you focus on preparing yourself for the tour and enjoying the tour while our local on ground team ensures all planning and background work is done!


Like any other decision, just make sure you put enough time and effort in finding the right travel company for your mountain biking adventure.


From a local biking travel expert, here are 4 key things to remember when you plan you next mountain biking expedition:


Prepare Physically:

The Himalayas are the highest mountain ranges in the world with some of the highest peaks and passes you will experience on a bike. On the two Unventured bike tours in the region, we pedal at altitudes ranging from 2000 meters ASL to 5600 meters ASL, at the highest point. The roads in these regions are low gradient with broken sections of tarmac, coupled with the low oxygen levels; it makes for a challenging adventure. On an average we cycle about 50 km each day of which an average of about 35 kms are gradient climbs getting up and/or across high passes. Preparing for a long duration cycling holiday such as this involves a lot of time and effort. Apart from good cycling experience, one must also be comfortable on climbs, long unrelenting climbs up to high passes. Naturally, these tours are physically demanding, but worth it.


At Unventured, our focus not on high intensity long duration cycling but on local cultures and experience. The entire experience is planned to ensure you are not speeding across but pausing and taking to the views and celebrating its beauty with a group of like minded travelers. Hence the days ride is daunting and yet achievable and worth while for the seasoned cyclist. We also interact and suggest necessary practice plans for each participant ahead of the tour to ensure they easily endure and enjoy the ride.


Preparedness Mental:

Going on an active holiday in the mountains on a bike is equal parts mental preparedness as it is physical. The right frame of mind and grit is necessary to beat the odds of weather conditions, long days of riding, and time in less than comfortable conditions. All of these challenges are, of course, worth it. Preparing oneself mentally is a quotient of confidence in the cycle/bike and the preparedness to push oneself mentally. At Unventured, we focus on small group travel, travel that brings like minded people together, to celebrate the region for its wealth of resources and local experiences. Riding as a collective small group and experiencing the region brings in a mindset of an active holiday with new friends and a sense of motivation together.

On tour, expect a detailed daily route and gradient map that your tour operator will give you as an indication of the route you will take, the distance you will cover and the indicative climbing you will do. The can be very helpful for you to prepare yourself mentally for an intensive ride each day in the Himalayas. Of course, we want you to remember that, though challenging, the real reward of the destination and experiences is worth it. To get to the amazing places were going, you have to take the road less traveled (and a little more challenging)!

Packing, Gear and Equipment:

Making sure you pack the right gear and equipment can make all the difference between a great active adventure and a very bad one. Factors that determine gear must be based on weather conditions and road conditions. The Himalayan mountain ranges are high altitude, desert regions which means that the summer months sun and heat can be bad for long durations. UV protective gear is very essential and hydration is the “mantra” when cycling in high altitude regions and while the days can be hot the nights can be equally cold and ensuring warm thermal gear and clothing is essential to a good, warm nights sleep and rest. Ask your tour company the right questions and if you have chosen the right company, they will also share with you a detailed packing list. Another important packing item could be your camera gear.


If you local adventure tour operator is offering you bikes, spend time learning more about the bike you will be offered; the brand, the size and bike fit. A good tour company will have the right size to fit your height. They will also have all necessary spares, tools and supplies on the tour so you don’t have to worry about any damages or malfunctioning on the cycle to thwart your experience. Ensure you give them feedback on bike and performance when you are on the tour so they can make necessary adjustments to your bike. Unventured guides are experts in our fleet of bikes and we make sure the entire trip you’re comfortable on yours.


Plan your logistics in terms of arrivals and departure first, buy tickets early in case of travel changes and benefit from the price concession you will get. If you are traveling into another country, getting visa and the formalities are essential and should be handled early to avoid any problems. In the Himalayas, traveling to some remote regions will require you to get a local permit. Your tour operator can arrange for that and you should expect him to get necessary information from you for the permits, if you are a foreign national. Your tour company will also email you a detailed tour itinerary that should give you an indication of each days place of stay and possible opportunities to have mobile network if you intend to call family members. Your tour operator will also be able to tell you where you will have access to electricity along the tour to recharge any of your electronic equipment. At Unventured, we keep you well informed from the moment you book your trip, leading up, and during to ensure a flawless experience.

Look no further for the most detailed and inclusive local bike tour company. Search all destinations you can travel with Unventured.


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