Secret travel destinations: India

The world is getting smaller and smaller thanks to our constant access to all corner of the globe. What used to be far off and hidden away from the world’s attention for centuries are now popular tourist destinations. Though world travel can and is a positive thing, there are many negatives as well. Authentic culture and tradition are fading away and it’s increasingly difficult to see the true essence of a destination.


India is such a vast and diverse country, despite being a very international and highly visited destination, there is still plenty off the beaten path yet to be discovered. The secret travel destinations of India are like clear windows into the heart of India and the rich cultures and history. Those who get to go to these destinations see more than a few nice sights, they have an immersive experience of the true beauty of India’s terrain, religions, cultures, cuisine, and people.


Here are the top secret travel destinations throughout India that are not to be missed.


Kerala, India:

A coastal region in the south of India, everything about Kerala is rooted deep in tradition. Kerala has a rich history of dynasties and kingdoms as well as British rule that has left the region diverse and unique to the rest of India and the world. The incredible combination of tropical biodiversity, warm beaches, and traditional cultural experiences make it a perfect destination for a vacation that is more than the norm. Kerala is known for Aryuvedic tourism. It’s an agriculturally rich region with unique cuisine with a tropical infusion thanks to the climate. Coconut and spices are abound. People come here to learn hands-on traditions and rituals at their heartland that have healed around the world. Kerala’s history dating all the way back to prehistoric times through to colonialism is all very much still represented. You can explore ancient ruins, learn about Hindu myths of the region from locals, and see how colonialism has influenced the region. The rich biodiversity and tropical climate are perfect for outdoors adventures. Unventured’s Kerala eight-day bike tour will bring you on an outdoor adventure, to historical landmarks, and have you staying and eating with locals for an authentic Kerala experience impossible elsewhere.


Karnataka, India:

A very diverse region terrain wise in the south of India as well, Karnataka borders the Arabian sea and extends deep inland. Karnataka also holds a history of civilization and dynasties that built up the region for centuries. Some of the most powerful empires in India made Karnataka their center. The philosophies and traditions created during this time are present throughout India and the world still today. In many ways, Karnataka is quintessential India. The official flower is the lotus, the animal is the Indian elephant, and the region is dotted with ancient Hindu sites that still hold importance today. Most notable for adventure travelers, the Karnataka region is home to the Western Ghats. The Western Ghats are one of two biodiversity hotspots in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site for their unique combination of world history and nature. The Western Ghats are a stunning bright green mountain range the follows the coast closely and come alive during the Monsoon season. Unventured’s Chasing the Monsoon eight-day tour takes you through this region on bike during the monsoon season, staying at local plantations and homestays along the way and exploring ancient sites and monasteries.


Sikkim, India:

The Himalayas themselves are tricky to adventure into without some expert knowledge. Their natural alone has helped keep many part of the Himalayas a secret from the normal tourism route. Sikkim is a whole other never of that. Deep in the Himalayas and bordered by Bhutan, Tibet, and Napal, it is not only picturesque but also deeply rooted in Buddhist tradition. Once a monarchy, there have been many groups and traditions that have inhabited and contributed to Sikkim’s culture. There are 11 official languages and the region’s culture changes as you move through it. The mountainous hills are dotted with monasteries and tea plantations that all rigorously hold onto tradition to share with the visitors who are adventurous enough to get up there. Unventured’s Eastern Himalaya biking tour explores the Sikkim region through challenging biking trails all while staying at local homestays to learn Himalayan culture from locals.

The best way to see these secret destinations is with a local guide that makes sure you get the most authentic experience. Unventured focuses on introducing travels to amazing destinations throughout India in a way that is culturally, economically, and environmentally sustainable. Explore all of our curated tours.

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