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Calling all travellers – Join us as city tour leaders (Freelance)
  • Do you love travel?
  • Would you be interested in story telling?
  • How about meeting interesting people and taking them around your city?




Unventured is hiring freelancers to lead our city cycling tours in Bengaluru city on the weekends.

NOTE: Folks from Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and Delhi please write in to us for more information about upcoming trails in your cities

Who we are?

Unventured is a small group only experiential travel company that is focused on Bike, Hike and Dive adventures across Indian and Bhutan. As part of our tours we currently offer day cycling tours in Bangalore city. We have 5 themed tours in Bengaluru city. You can learn more about the team on the website

Who are we looking for?
  • You must know to ride a bicycle!
  • Must be active, self driven, capable of interacting and engaging with participants
  • Story telling is an important part of what you will be expected from you
  • You must be familiar with Bangalore city and its bylanes
  • Have an interest in history and culture
  • A knack to pick up on the group’s interest and tweaking the story to match their interest on the go!
  • Keenness to research and keep on the lookout for interesting stories of Bengaluru city
  • Lastly, you’re a Traveller and not a tourist. If you don’t know the difference then you are not the person we are looking for



What is expected of you?

You will be a part of a group of freelance tour leaders, leading our city cycling tours. You must be able to spare 2-3 days in a month (only on weekends). Our team at Unventured will co-ordinate on all background work leading up to the tour on the weekend.

You will be required to plan and deliver the cycling trail on 1 day of the weekend. You will provide information in the form of interesting facts and stories of Bengaluru city to our travellers/participants.

On the day of the trail you will be the person introducing the Unventured and our way of travel, the city of Bengaluru, all information in the form of stories about the trail for the day and what is unique to that experience. Depending on the size of the group; each trail will be assisted by 1-2 tour leaders. With a full sized group a second tour leader will focus on the route, time and helping participants with their cycles etc…

Duration of the trail

The city trails last between 5-10 hours in duration. The day begins early at 5:30AM when the cycles gets loaded and transported at the venue(will be coordinated by someone from the Unventured team). At 6:30 AM you will be expected to meet the team at the start point and if required assist participants to reach the start point. You will then brief them about the trail, information about Unventured and factual information about Bengaluru city. Information about bicycle briefing and safety and security measures while riding will also have to be made to participants.

You will be the main person leading the trail and will follow a general route and story line. The storyline can however be tweaked based on the interest of the travellers/participant group. Taking initiative to keep the group engaged and making the trail a fun and informative experience is the primary goal. A brunch/breakfast and or lunch will be arranged as part of the trail. All necessary arrangements for food is made in advance by the backend team at Unventured.

At the end of the trail you will be required to wrap up and see of the participants. You will also assist and help the team wrap up and move the cycles back to the office. All trails with the exception of the Nandi trail end at 1:30PM. Then Nandi trail ends at 5:00PM.

Training and Support

The team at Unventured will provide you will all the information about the trails, train you and also join you on the first 2 trails that you will lead as support and back-up.


A stipend will be paid on a per trail basis. We also have programs for you to opt in to take any of our long haul tours in lieu of your time leading our tours.



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